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Welcome to the Elite X Computing blog! Here you will discover industry trends, new builds we’re working on and documenting, retro builds we’re creating from old parts and company news as well.

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New Content!

So thins got pretty crazy right after the launch of my new site.  I have a ton of content sitting in the wings ready to publish to my blog and to YouTube. If you are reading this thank you! Thanks for hanging in here with me, I promise you it will be worth the wait....

Several 8700k Builds

Along with the amazing and beautiful Threadripper build, I had a client ask for a couple of machines based on the Intel 8700k CPU. All sported 16-32 gigs of ram, and combinations of WD Blue drives and WD Black 7200 rpm drives for storage. All came equipped with EVGA...

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Making New From Old

Decided to take this older AM2 motherboard and parts and turn it into a little media ripper/server. Went to Amazon to grab this Corsair Carbide case, since it still has drive space for DVD drives, which was a must. I am embarking on backing up my old CD collection to...

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