Updates Incoming

We are working on a new and updated configuration wizard for our custom computer builds, and easier ways to get ahold of someone to create for you! Lots of cool stuff in the works, so stay tuned!

New Soft Launch of Our Site Redesign!

If you have been to 1337pc.net before, and you are now getting redirected here welcome! We are beginning the launch of our new design and branding, and a whole lot more coming your way. Lots of new YouTube content and plenty to come and check out. Be on t he lookout...
New Website in the Works

New Website in the Works

We have been super busy here at eliteXcomputing, and a new site with all sorts of goodies is in the works. I have a new partner in this endeavor and our hard launch is in January, but I am sure I will start redirecting traffic over to there as soon as things are ready...

A New Hope

Lots of changes in the last few months. Moved the entire family and business over to Atlanta GA. Finally got all of my stuff unpacked so be on the lookout for new posts soon!

Long Time, No Post

Started a new job, so posting slowed down there a bit.  Finally have some room to breathe and thought I would do a little update.  Built a new main gaming rig, pretty decent specs as follows:i7 7700k, GTX 1070, 16gb of ram. Went with Air using the Be Quiet!...